Bark All Natural Dog Food

Bark All Natural Dog Food is a branding/packaging project I created. Choosing to focus on the natural aspect of the food and the sustainable aspect of packaging. I kept the designs simple and straight forward, an idea which is continued in the hypothetical Bark Kitchens that only use locally grown food from trusted farmers.

Bark products aim to be more sustainable than competitors by using recycled material to create containers and promoting the reuse of some of their containers. For example, the travel tube and burlap treat bag. These items can be refilled and reused.

I wanted to create an option for pet owners to give their dogs food that tastes good, is good for health, and doesn't do much damage on the environment.

The packing system was created with a prompt of information hierarchy and cohesive display. I decided to create a variety of foods and different products appealing to breed sizes and food flavors to show how they may work together, on their own, and appeal against competing dog food brands.