Illio Yearbook

I started of my yearbook career at Illini Media as a designer in 2012, earned the position of Art Director in 2013, and was extremely excited to become Co-Editor-In-Chief in 2014.

As Co-Editor-in-Chief of the 2014-2015 edition of Illio Yearbook, I had complete control of art direction and had the pleasure of seeing through my own designs.

The theme of this yearbook is 2015: Make it Count with an emphasis on the use of numbers and lists. Throughout the book, one will find various lists that sum up a season, an activity, a place, etc. Staff members and I found numerical facts to display for each college/topic that was covered. Generating lists for spreads allowed for much more inclusion of the student body than ever before because we encouraged students to use social media and specific hashtags when at university events to show us their photos. We were able to use student submitted photos and featured their Instagram handles in the caption.

I enjoyed my position as Editor-in-Chief because I was able to start with a sketch of what a section would look like, design it, gather content, arrange spreads, send for proofs, correct proofs, and finally send pages off to be printed. I was able to design and gain leadership and management experience simultaneously.