Ninth Letter 12.2

I had the privilege of working on two issues of Ninth Letter, a nationally distributed, award winning literary arts magazine. Ninth Letter is a collaborative project from the graduate students in Creative Writing and students in the School of Art + Design. Somewhere around 5,000 writing submissions are filtered through and chosen to be featured in the magazine. The content is then handed over to the graphic designers to make a design concept and create the magazine.

This issue is one of my favorite things I've done. My role was much more involved than in the previous issue I worked on. I worked with a team of designers and illustrators, and my job was to organize everyone's typeset stories and create the documents for the sections of the magazine. I also got to work on the section called TLDR, which stands for "Too Long Didn't Read." A few people on staff read the stories and created very short summaries that were often humorous in nature. We then adapted "TLDR" to sound like "teal deer" and drew deer that corresponded with each story. The deer would appear somewhere in the story, sometimes in the gutter or in the corner of a page. Its presence would indicate that there was a summary to find in the TLDR section.

For more on this issue, you can view the Ninth Letter Archives here.


I worked on a the 11.2 issue as well. For this issue, Emily Ogden and I created the end sheets of the issue. 11.2 had a theme of 1960s Airplane Travel, so we came up with the concept of finding an object from every piece of writing and putting it in the suitcase to be photographed. The front end sheets had every item nicely packed, and the back endsheets showed all the items thrown back into the suitcase, similar to how real people travel. We never explicitly explained where each item originiated because Ninth Letter is known for its mystery and ambiguitiy.