The Swift Fox is an endangered species. I created this field guide to highlight basic facts about the animal, as well as the reasons why it is endangered and what humans must do to save the species. 

Swift foxes are notoriously hard to find in the wild and I wanted to reflect the elusiveness of the animal in the way the guide opens and displays information. The information about the animal is concealed in a slip cover where the ears of the animal are meant to poke out of the top. Every piece of information is revealed by a new fold.

As an extension of this project, I made a children's book in the same visual style called Finding the Swift Fox.

Finding The Swift Fox

This children's book about the swift fox explains the same facts as the field guide, only as a story, using the same illustrative style. The story is about a photographer that is hoping to finally capture images of the species after years of failed attempts. The photographer teaches the reader about the animal so they can find them together. At the end of all the lessons, there is a review activity with a sticker sheet to answer the review questions. There is one fox hiding on every spread for the reader to find. I chose to do this to carry through the idea of swift foxes being elusive as I did in the field guide.