Thorne Creek

Thorne Creek is a small wood-based home decor business that I started with my boyfriend in 2017. Each item we make is hand cut on a scroll saw. We cut, sand, stain, and paint everything on our own. Our most popular item are our custom dog leash hooks. We actually were featured on Buzzfeed (number 7!) during the Holiday season of 2018 for them! I absolutely adore this small business. It combines my love for hands-on work with the familiarity and control of my digital design training. I love helping our clients conceptualize the piece they are imagining and transforming their space. It also fulfills my dreams of holding tiny letters in my hands (I really love typography). Another thing I love about this business is the challenge of staying original in a world of Pinterest and Instagram. It’s really easy to be a little bit too inspired by someone else’s great work. So, our leash hooks and our Shiplap Letter Boards are my pride and joy for this business because nobody else is doing the same thing, and all of it came 100% from my brain.

Our most current work is shown on Instagram:

Some of our first projects: